New Horizons Band of Cincinnati  

Okay, so maybe you couldn’t have been a superstar, even if you’d kept playing that clarinet or tuba back in middle school. But who knows? It isn’t too late to pursue your musical dream, if only in an entertaining, no pressure sort of way.

The New Horizons Band of Cincinnati can help you reconnect with the music you gave up when you packed away that clarinet or tuba so you could go out for football or the debate team instead. Whatever your background, we invite you to join with other seniors in an entertaining and educational outlet for musical dreams.

The 40-plus members of the band welcome those who haven’t played for years -- or who have never found the time to begin -- to drop in on one of their friendly rehearsals at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in Montgomery at 10345 Montgomery Road. Except for its summer hiatus, the band rehearses every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. Professionals and an introductory band can help former band members brush up their skills or assist them in getting started.

Newcomers planning to visit a rehearsal can contact Don or Helen Rhoad at No instrument? Rentals can be arranged through Buddy Roger’s Music, by clicking or calling 513-729-1950 or 800-536-2263.

Performing music is a special joy that helps adults maintain mental and physical health, according to director Pete Metzger. “Playing music from the past keeps us in touch with our history. Daily practice keeps us active in the present, and striving for new goals attaches us to the future. “ 

Members hail from Blue Ash, Madeira, Montgomery and Indian Hill, and points as distant as Batavia, Fairfield, Forest Park and North Bend. Many retired from careers ranging the occupational spectrum, from white collar to blue.

The Cincinnati band is part of the New Horizons International Music Association (www, an aggregation of more than 180 senior bands across the United States, Canada and points as distant as South Africa. The Cincinnati group has no age restrictions, although the rehearsal schedule works best for retirees.

To underwrite an experienced director, professional instructors and music, the band charges tuition of $140 twice a year.